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Single/Solo Dancers

Solo dancers (both male & female) are welcome to attend, but must pre-arrange to have your own partner as the club does not have Angels available to dance with solo dancers. If you are a solo dancer that  would like to attend but have been unable to find a partner, contact Caller Geoff by email to see if he's aware if there's any other solo dancers that can partner with you.

Dance Fees (2017-18)

Other Stuff....

Computer Squares

Will remain the same for 2017-18 @ $6.00 per dancer per week payable at the door upon arrival.
We use the Square Rotation (SQRT) computer program which not only mixes up the squares well, but also allows dancers to sit out if they so wish. We've found it much more effective to use than the mixer cards..
At the entrance to our dance hall,  there will be a sheet for everyone to sign-in & pay their weekly dance fee. On your first week of dancing with us, you will be asked to complete and sign a registration form that provides the club with your contact information (email & phone) and confirmation of your EOSARDA dancer insurance. Providing your contact information ensures that you will be kept well informed ongoing club activity & area dancing events.

Please be sure that you carry in your dance shoes & change upon arrival. There is a place to hang your coats & change your shoes. The hall entrance is on the east end of the building complex. Parking is plentiful either in front or to the side.

Refreshments are supplied (coffee, tea & snacks) & drinking water is available in the kitchen (tap water). We encourage you to bring your own mug for your water to help down on the number of styro-foam cups being used.